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20T-1840mm-Tilting Bucket

The tilting function of the tilt bucket means that trenches can be dug with a sloped side wall without having to move the excavator to the other side of the trench.

The tilting bucket allows for level grading on uneven terrain, providing a smooth tilting action and allowing for efficient loading capabilities.

This is ideal for site where space is limited.

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Product Details


The 20T-1840mm Tilting Bucket is designed for 20-ton excavators, offering a width of 1840mm. This versatile attachment allows for precise angle adjustments, enhancing efficiency in grading, leveling, and trenching tasks. Built with robust materials, it ensures durability and optimal performance in various construction applications.


Glikr Excavator Tilt Buckets are designed for ditch cleaning and sloping grading. 

Our tilting bucket can tilt 45 degrees in either side to increase productivity. 

And our tilting bucket also designed with double cylinders and with double cutting edges( Single cylinder design is also available).



They have a full 90-degrees of tilt angle (45-degrees left and right) affording your excavators the ability to reach difficult spots without the need for any re-positioning. 

This hugely increases your excavator’s accuracy and productivity while making your operator’s jobs much simpler.

The generous tilt function also allows for precise adjustments, making this ditching bucket ideal for excavating complex ground shapes. 

This makes them perfect for use in urban green space development, in the construction of golf courses, and many other applications.

Finally, they utilise a heavy-duty construction that ensures strength and reliability, allowing the bucket to operate efficiently for as long as you need it.