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Glikr is a specialized supplier of excavator quick couplers and other attachments and sets quality and safety standards. Our excavator quick coupler meets all safety and guidelines for the European and American market - EN 474-1 and ISO13031.

The excavator quick coupler allows the excavator to quickly pick up different buckets without leaving the machine. A range of pin diameter and pin center measurements are available for standard hydraulic quick connectors. The quick coupler is selected according to the weight of the excavator.

Pin Dimensions

Each coupler picks up a range of pin centers, while the top hook assembly is designed to fit your machine's pin size. This means you get a tight fit on your machine with no spillage, while you can still pick up a variety of buckets.

Machine Requirements

Hydraulic coupler circuit

This coupler requires a hydraulic coupler circuit to open/close the coupler, just like a standard hydraulic coupler.

If your machine does not have an existing coupler circuit, you will need an additional hydraulic installation kit. This includes hydraulic lines for the cab-operated coupler, solenoid valves, and control box. For more information you can download the coupler operator and installation manual below.

Coupler Installation

The basic steps for coupler installation are as follows:

- Secure the coupler to the machine.

- Connect the hose from the coupler to the supplied control block mounted on the machine's bucket/bar.

- Route the hose from the bucket bar all the way back to the hydraulic pump housing chamber.

- Secure the hydraulic solenoid valve in place.

- Tap into the machine's bucket cylinder circuit using the T-fitting and connect the hose to the solenoid valve as per the manual instructions.

- Mount the control box in the cab and connect to the solenoid valve and power supply.

We can assist remotely with installation instructions if required.

Quick Coupler Features

Coupler front and rear pin locks

Glikr's excavator quick coupler features a front pin lock and a standard rear pin locking mechanism. The front pin lock ensures that the bucket will not fall if the rear lock is not properly engaged and complies with European safety standards.

The front pin is spring loaded into place so that the bucket will not fall off the coupler if the rear pin is not properly locked. The main coupler rear lock is operated by a hydraulic cylinder. It is also held in place by two heavy duty springs to prevent cylinder failure.

Hydraulic Coupler Control Kits/Mounting

With years of experience in the heavy equipment industry and in manufacturing quick couplers, we have gathered information on mechanical electrical and hydraulic aspects.

Each factory quick coupler comes with a customized control/fitting kit that includes hydraulic valves, hoses, and an electronic control box for mounting the quick coupler to your machine. This allows you to install the coupler on an excavator that does not have a quick coupler hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic system will utilize the bucket cylinder circuit to operate the coupler hydraulic cylinders.

An installation guide is provided specifically for your excavator to ensure an easy installation. If you require any installation support, please contact us directly here.

High Quality

Hydraulic couplers are manufactured in China using high strength steel and high quality welds.Glikr sets the standard for quick couplers globally with world class manufacturing capabilities and years of experience in the heavy equipment industry.

Quick coupler safety

The Gaithers coupler only opens when the bucket/attachment is fully curled to ensure that the attachment is released only in the safest position. The hydraulic configuration of the coupler control system provides hydraulic fluid from the bucket cylinder circuit to open the coupler.