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The excavator ripper is a specialized attachment used on excavators, which are heavy construction machines designed for digging and earthmoving operations. The earth splitter attachment is used to break up hard surfaces such as rock, pavement and frozen soil. It consists of a sturdy metal shank with a pointed or toothed end for penetrating and breaking materials. excavator ripper can easily rip through rock, pavement or solid ground. Upgrade your excavator attachment today: request a quote!

The Excavator Ripper by Glikr's robust construction and advanced hydraulic system provides an extraordinary level of force, making it effortless to break through even the most stubborn materials. Whether your projects involve mining, quarrying, or construction, this attachment empowers your heavy machinery to tackle the most formidable tasks with ease.

Glikr as an excavator ripper supplier, can make the right earth splitter for different machines. Our virtually unbreakable rippers come in a variety of shank lengths and tooth configurations. Our patented oscillating tine rippers are perfect for trenching in shale and permafrost, with self-locking shanks that require no hydraulics. When heavy or continuous earth splitting is required, a splitter attachment is the best choice. Glikr splitter attachments offer a fast, high-performance option for coupler-equipped excavators.

Precision Ripper Control

Glikr's Excavator Ripper delivers exceptional control, allowing operators to target specific areas with pinpoint accuracy. This level of precision minimizes the risk of collateral damage and ensures that your excavation work is conducted with maximum efficiency and accuracy.