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The GLIKR high reach demolition can be mounted on base machines with a weight of 25 to 85 tons. Depending on the base machine weight, the working pin height ranges from 26.5 m to 40 m. Suitable for high altitude and foundation removal work, it offers a safe and fast solution for the assembly/disassembly and maintenance of attachments and facilitates transportation between projects, resulting in significant cost savings.

Features of the high reach demolition

● Fully hydraulic piping

● 45-degree tilt cab - manual or hydraulic

● Cab guard mounting - front, side, or top

● Custom counterweights - designed to carry high boom and tool loads

● Booms for transport

● Expanded track as needed. The right size for each machine

GLIKR specializes in the production and sale of high reach arm demolitions. Typically used in the demolition market, these high-reach demolitions offer a safe, economical, and fast alternative for the removal of taller structures.

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