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The excavator long arm is a special attachment for long boom arms, gravel pit depths, long-distance excavation dredging, slope shaping, settling dikes, cleaning ponds/waterways, etc. With this excavator long arm attachment, you can quickly convert a standard excavator into a long boom excavator.

In the long arm boom, an internal baffle provides additional force to the torsion arm to withstand torsional loads.

● Thickened, multi-plate, large welded box section construction in high-stress areas.

● High-quality fittings, such as pipes, pins, bushings and cylinders.

● Available upon request for camera systems

● Custom length long arms accepted for special applications

We offer long-distance pre-packaging for a variety of excavator models with working weights up to 10-200 metric tons (22,000 - 488,400 lbs.). Our long boom reach helps you achieve up to 50% more digging depth and advanced reach on a standard boom, saving you valuable cost and time, and maximizing your profits.

We invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment to keep pace with the industry. Booms and arms are key components of excavators that require tight tolerances and precision. They are machined using these state-of-the-art machines to ensure that every product we produce is of the highest quality.

● Long boom arms are ideal for river and marine dredging on land or on barges.

● Basement and deep foundation excavation.

● Trench, level and pool maintenance.

● Ideal for marine wall construction.

● Heavy-duty tasks in construction.

● Full simulation of the design to ensure design integrity and identify potential stress and fatigue points.

● All surfaces are sandblasted.

● It uses a marine-grade epoxy coating as a primer.