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FR480EGMRA-10.262Meters Mega Ripper

GLIKR FR480EGMRA-10.262Meters Mega Ripper

Suitable for 40-150 tonnage excavators

The Mega Ripper is a Special-purpose Attachment for Excavator.

When it comes to effectively breaking through compacted soils, rocks, or tough materials. In general, ripper attached to standard arm can not work and breaker hammer is of lower efficiency, which cannot meet the equirement of working environment. But for mega ripper, of which shortened length and incremental weight to a large extent strengthen excavation, it can easily overcome rugged conditions. This specialized attachment is designed to maximize the efficiency and precision of your excavation and construction projects.

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Product Details

Cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery are used on the production line to accurately produce products that meet quality requirements.

The GLIKR Mega Ripper is designed to deliver powerful performance, thanks to our premium welding technology that gives our excavator long booms superior strength and extreme durability.



  • Suitable for 40-150 tonnage excavators

  • 55HRC strong chromed pins to bear large digging force

  • No need to add additional valves or accessories

  • Much lower maintenance cost

  • Supporting structure included for easier packing and transportation.

  • Use marine grade epoxy paint as undercoat.



Unique innovation and design : By increasing the weight of Arm and Boom up to 15-40 tons, it gains strong digging force.

The center of gravity shifts upward on Ripper Arm to make stronger than regular mega ripper.

All that makes the Mining damage ability of our product much more outstanding than the normal ones. 

The front end bucket teeth adopts D9 or D11 Ripper forging teeth.



High quality : The scientific and reasonable structural design and stable production technology not only shorten the working hours but also reduce the operating cost of the excavator.

GLIKR  Mega Ripper is a more efficient tool to work with, comparing to using traditional breaking hammer, when it came to breaking hard ground, tough shale, weathered rock.


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