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R210LC-18M Long Reach Arm and Boom

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R210LC-18M Long Reach Arm and Boom

  1. Boom: 9.9M

  2.  Arm: 8.1M

  3. Material: Q550D

  4. Bucket Cylinder: EX210

Use marine grade epoxy paint as undercoat.

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Product Details

R210LC-18M Long Reach Arm and Boom

Specialized excavator long arms enable any normal excavators to access those locations that are usually inaccessible by other normal excavators. 

Thus, GLIKR Long Reach Arms also help greatly in reducing operational cost and time.


Whether for deep foundation excavation, industrial demolition, deeper or more precise digging, or large digging projects, 

GLIKR excavator long reach arms promise seamless and unmatched services.

Long reach arms for excavators are also comprehensive tools for barge unloading, tank cleaning, or any job that cannot be accomplished by other standard boom/stick assemblies.


While manufacturing the units of long reach arms for excavators, 

GLIKR stays compliant in maintaining high quality to ensure that the customers receive the highest quality and standard product they are looking for.

The long reach arms allow operators to carry out operations with high accuracy. 

This feature makes any normal excavator an extremely precise machine while excavating or dredging across areas that are almost hidden or hard to access.


Long reach arms provide increased digging depth, allowing for efficient excavation of deep foundations, trenches, or underground utilities. 

They eliminate the need for frequent repositioning of the excavator, saving time and increasing productivity on the job site.


In the long reach boom and arm, the inner baffle plate gives the torsion arm extra force to withstand torsional loads.
Thick, multi-plate large welded box section structure is used in high-stressed areas.
High quality accessories such as pipelines, pins, bushings and cylinders.
Accept Customized Lengths of long reach boom arm for special application.


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