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DOOSAN DX225LCA-16Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom

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DOOSAN DX225LCA-16Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom 

GLIKR Long Reach Arms feature sturdy, reinforced components and high-quality materials to withstand heavy-duty excavation tasks ensuring robust operations.

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Product Details

As boom and arm are critical components of an excavator; thus, it’s been produced precisely to fulfill quality conformance with the implementation of cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery in the production line.

Each welded plate is machine-beveled to improve the stability of welding quality, including straight plate bevels and arc bevels, ensuring design integrity and detecting potential stress and fatigue points.


GLIKR Long Reach Arms for excavators are built to deliver power-packed performance. Thanks to our superior quality welding techniques that offer super strength and extreme durability to our long reach arms for excavators.


Benefits of Long Reach Excavator Booms

1. Extended Reach: Long reach booms enable access to hard-to-reach areas, increasing the efficiency of excavation projects.

2. Precision and Control: These booms provide precise control, allowing operators to work with accuracy, especially in sensitive environments.

3. Versatility: Long reach excavator booms are versatile, making them suitable for various applications, including demolition and dredging.


Usually, suppliers use ordinary steel pipes. After manual pickling and phosphating, impurities are likely to remain in the pipeline.
The risk is that it will cause engine failure of the excavator and increase maintenance costs in the later period.
GLIKR choose high quality steel pipe,precision cold drawn tube,supply according to the standard of the whole machine.
High quality accessories like pipelines, pins, bushes and cylinder to make sure our booms with long lifetime and easy maintenance.



Attached with 0.5m³ Bucket.
Additional Counterwight:1.5 tons(Based on original machine)


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