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CAT374-5.5m³-2500mm-Severe-Duty Rock Bucket

Severe-duty rock bucket are designed for aggressive bucket-loading conditions in some of the toughest environments. 

These buckets are manufactured from high-tensile steel with complete external wear protection that guarantees reliability within the harshest conditions.

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Product Details

A rock bucket is a heavy-duty attachment designed to efficiently handle and excavate rocks and other hard materials during construction and excavation projects.


Rock bucket is an all-round tougher build with additional reinforced armour in the bucket structure such as internal and external wear strips, bottom corner shrouds, heavy duty tooth system and many more optional extras to help deliver higher machine efficiency and productivity whilst lowering bucket maintenance costs.


Rock Bucket are reinforced with much stronger and thicker wear plates to add 'bulk' to the bucket and have sharper teeth than a standard Digging Bucket. 

These additions reinforce the bucket for use in much harsher conditions and help penetrate solid materials.