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SY980H-6.2m³ Heavy Duty Bucket


Reinforced and come with 2 side edge protectors.

Heel shrouds and lip protectors optional.

Cutting Edge: HB500
Side Blades: HB450
Shell: Q690D
Side Plate: Q690D
Bottom & Side Wearplates: HB500

For Catalogue / Installation Files, Please Email Us via kyle@glikrattachments.com


Product Details

The GLIKR Heavy-Duty and Severe- Duty Series of excavator buckets combines innovative design and advanced materials for the ultimate job site productivity.

Use GLIKR Buckets to tackle tough digging material handling conditions with solid results.

Extra Reinforcements Could be Added According to customer’s requirements.


Optimized profile for better filling & dumping.

Dual taper design provides enhanced heel clearance for less resistance and wear during digging.

Optimized bucket geometry provdes increasedCapacities whife maintaining OEM pin to point distances.