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CAT336-Heavy-Duty Bucket

Heavy Duty Buckets for Excavators are designed to work in aggressive and demanding working environments.

Heavy duty  buckets are built from the highest tensile steel and designed with optimised wear protection systems to protect against highly abrasive applications such as severe rock.

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Product Details

Heavy Duty bucket the is an all-round tougher build with additional reinforced armour in the bucket structure such as internal and external wear strips, bottom corner shrouds, heavy duty tooth system and many more optional extras to help deliver higher machine efficiency and productivity whilst lowering bucket maintenance costs.


All products are shot blasted to ensure the surface is thoroughly clean and free from contaminants and rust.

In addition, this process presents the steel with a surface texture that provides excellent adhesion for prime coat of paint.


Excavating abrasive materials such as sand and crushed rock will be easier with a heavy-duty or high abrasion bucket.

These buckets resist abrasion and withstand high breakout and impact forces. You can use them for excavating broken slag, sandstone, iron ore and high quartz granite or for loading tightly compacted materials. 

They may include a spade nose or a straight edge and can accept different types of teeth.