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EC700-4m³-RB-Class B Rock Bucket

A rock bucket is ideal for compact and hard surfaces that you need to break through. 

A rock bucket is reinforced for extra strength that can withstand a lot of pressure, but the most notable feature of a rock bucket is its sharp teeth that can better penetrate stubborn surfaces when a digging bucket just won’t do.

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Product Details


The EC700-4m³ Class B Rock Bucket is engineered for heavy-duty rock handling, providing a 4m³. Constructed with high-strength materials, it ensures durability and wear resistance, making it suitable for demanding excavation tasks in construction and mining environments.


It features a reinforced structure and wear-resistant materials to withstand the impact and abrasion caused by rocks. 

And it typically has sharp teeth or cutting edges that aid in breaking up and penetrating rock formations.


Rock Buckets are reinforced with much stronger and thicker wear plates to add 'bulk' to the bucket and have sharper teeth than a standard Digging Bucket. 

These additions reinforce the bucket for use in much harsher conditions and help penetrate solid materials.


Rock buckets are designed for aggressive bucket-loading conditions in some of the toughest environments. 

These buckets are manufactured from high-tensile steel with complete external wear protection that guarantees reliability within the harshest conditions.


Rock buckets are commonly used in construction, quarrying, and other applications where working with rocks is prevalent. 

They enhance productivity by enabling efficient rock removal, reducing the need for manual labor or additional equipment.