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SMP105-3.2-2000mm Rock Bucket

Features: Sturdy and durable;

Application: For digging hard soil with tough rubble or loading rubble and gravel, aggressive bucket loading in highly abrasive applications such as severe rock. 

Buckets delivery a higher level of wear protection for extended life in aggressively abrasive applications.

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Product Details

This excavator bucket is meant to work with hard rocks. They are similar in design to digging buckets but have reinforced structural parts for strength. 

They can break through hard rock while maintaining their structural integrity.

Heat treated cast lip shroud, side protectors and heel shrouds can be fitted to further increase bucket life time.


•    For severe digging of hard materials commonly encountered quarries and mines.
•    High tensile Steel and Extra structural reinforcements with thicker plates.
•    Quench and tempered high strength wear resistant steel are used to protect the bucket from high abrasive wear.
•    Custom built to client’s requirement in width and loading capacity.
•    High quality cast bolt-on or pin-on shrouds can be fitted.
•    Avalible in all sizes and for all leading equipment manufacturer.