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DX300LC-5-18Meters Demolition High Reach Arm and Boom

DX300LC-5-18Meters Demolition High Reach Arm and Boom

A high-reach demolition boom is an attachment that extends the reach of an excavator and is used for demolishing tall structures.  It typically consists of a long arm with a hydraulic system that  enables it to reach high places and break down structures using a  variety of tools.

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Product Details

Use high quality steel plate.

Precise cutting with a CNC cutting machine.

Every part for making boom arm are well selected from reliable supplier from pin bush to steel plate, professional processing equipment play a important role in each stage, digital cutting machine use to cut steel in good shape, beveling machine use to bevel plate edge for better.


All long reach front are shot blasted to ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean and free from contaminants and rust.
In addition, this process presents the steel with a surface texture that provides excellent adhesion for prime coat of paint.
A layer of primer is applied prior to the final coats of paint with colour matching to the machine that it will be installed onto.


When rising , it can keep a safe distance between building and excavator when It's working to protect the operator.
The middle arm enable the operator works in a safe distance between the machine and the target objects.

3 pieces booms are specially design for demolish high building, and it is flexible in operation and security compare with traditional demolition techniques.



For best stability when excavating. GLIKR offered additional counterweight to balance excavator and long reach arm while doing digging job.
We offered 3 types of counterweight Mid-Mounting, Bottom-Mounting and Back-Hanging type.

QC inspection. Every item is thoroughly checked prior to packaging.
The subsequent final round of post-packaging inspection is carried out before it is released for shipment.


We can also provide cradle for placing long reach booms.
We accept request of designing and making customized long reach booms for other special application like material handling, pile hammering.
Various of atachment to fit long reach front: standard digging bucket, mud bucket, skeleton bucket,grapple.