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SY415 26M emolition High Reach Arm and Boom

SY415-26 Meters High Reach Demolition Boom

High reach demolition boom offer deeper and long distance digging or reaching higher to boost productivity where standard boom can't get the necessary job done.

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Product Details

With 14 meters double-sides Boring Machine to ensure the mounting accuracy of High Reach Demolition.

Welding process is mainly by high tech robotic welding machine and some parts by manual welding with over 15 years experience.

To guarantee the durability, conformance in quality and solidity.


Used for Dismantling Buildings, high reach demolition  is best suited for tall structures due to its large boom size, which makes it easy to dismantle buildings from the top down.


Demolishing buildings with a demolition boom is safer as it reduces flying debris, dust and risk to operators.

Long arm of a high reach excavator product has greater control in pulling down, moving, or picking at structures from a great distance, protecting the operator, workers, and the public from falling debris.