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CAT326D2L 18M Long Reach Arm and Boom

CAT326D2L 18 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom

Excavators are considered very important machines, especially for the construction and mining industries.

It can also be used to dredge rivers or lakes when placed on a floating platform or barge.

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Product Details

Automatic welding with high-tech robotic welding machines.

With 14 meters double-sides Boring Machine to ensure the mounting accuracy of LRs.

All surfaces are shot blasted which can release welding stress and increase paint adhesion,Increase the toughness of the long arm.



Usually, suppliers use ordinary steel pipes. After manual pickling and phosphating, impurities are likely to remain in the pipeline.

The risk is that it will cause engine failure of the excavator and increase maintenance costs in the later period.

GLIKR choose high quality steel pipe,precision cold drawn tube,supply according to the standard of the whole machine.



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