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DX210W 15.4M Long Reach Arm and Boom& Tilting Bucket

DX210W-15.4 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom & Tilting Bucket

LR Extended Boom Excavator has a longer boom and stick to increase its digging capabilities in deep and long-distance applications.

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Product Details

Features of excavator extension arm:

In order to ensure the strongest digging capacity, the extended arm of the excavator adds an impact plate to the stick to extend the service life of the stick.

The bucket adds reinforcing ribs and thickened steel plates to improve the structural strength and durability.

The excavator working device part includes boom, stick, bucket and related cylinders and hydraulic lines.

Because it is more convenient to replace the working device of the excavator, the corresponding working device can be replaced according to different working situations to meet the needs of various working conditions.


Compact Design —— Designed to trim easily.
Heavy-Duty Top Box —— Added strength through the bucket for increased durability.

Full 45 Degree Tilt —— Greater freedom of movement as the bucket tilts a full 45 degrees in both right and left directions with Dual double-acting cylinders.

Additional Bucket Backplate Wear Protection —— For increased bucket life and reduced maintenance yielding lasting returns on your investment.
Extra Reinforcements Could be Added According to customer’s requirements.


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