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KOMATSU PC300-360-20M Long Reach Arm and Boom

KOMATSU PC300-360-20M Long Reach Arm and Boom
1- Boom: 11M
2- Arm: 9M
3- Material: Q550D
4- Bucket Cylinder: CAT315
Attached with 0.6m³ HD Bucket.
Additional Counterwight:2.5 tons(Based on original machine)

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Product Details


Ø Ideal for river and sea dredging either on land or barge.

Ø Basement and deep foundation excavation.

Ø Construction of ditches, levees and pond maintenance.

Ø Construction of sea wall.


Every part for making boom arm are well selected from reliable supplier from pin bush to steel plate, professional processing equipment play a important role in each stage.

Usually, suppliers use ordinary steel pipes. After manual pickling and phosphating, impurities are likely to remain in the pipeline.
The risk is that it will cause engine failure of the excavator and increase maintenance costs in the later period.
GLIKR choose high quality steel pipe,precision cold drawn tube,supply according to the standard of the whole machine.
High quality accessories like pipelines, pins, bushes and cylinder to make sure our booms with long lifetime and easy maintenance.


To be specific, the long-arm digger has the following advantages:
1. Wider Applications
The long arm can work in the tough and extreme working environment where other excavators can’t reach. This unique advantage makes it reliable enough to handle various constructions.

2. Higher Standard
Strict technology and examination standards have been set to manufacture this machine, which guarantees its excellent construction performance.

3. Ease of Operation
The high mechanization and simple working organization of the long-reach excavator make it easier to be operated, thus improving working efficiency and saving labor resource.

4. High safety
The distance between the operator and the operating object is long, which reduces dangers in the working process. And the strengthened structure greatly improves safety.


High quality accessories such as pipelines, pins, bushings and cylinders.
Accept Customized Lengths of long reach boom arm for special application.

It uses marine grade epoxy paint as a primer.


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