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ZX250-18M Long Reach Arm and Boom

ZX250-Long Reach Arm and Boom

The Long Reach Excavator has a longer boom and stick to increase its digging capabilities in deep and long-distance applications.

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Product Details

Features of GLIKR Long Reach Arms:

  • Side Plates are beveled prior to welding to ensure strength being maintained.

  • Design Is simulated extensively, ensuring design integrity and detecting potential stress and fatigue points.

  • Premium steel plates, Strenx700 (Weldox700) or equivalent and precise cutting by using CNC cutting machine.

  • We also have multiple steel plates for customers to choose.

  • The front structure is popularly built by using Chinese high-tensile steel plate (HG785D-S590Q. Q550D= 5550 and Q355B- 5355).



In order to ensure the strongest digging capacity, the GLIKR long reach arm is equipped with reinforced plates to prolong the service life of the arm.

The connecting rod is equipped with reinforced ribs.


GLIKR is also a CE certified manufacturer of excavator long reach arms. 

Each product unit of our long reach arms bears the ‘CE’ logo. While manufacturing the units of long reach arms for excavators, GLIKR stays compliant in maintaining high quality to ensure that the customers receive the highest quality and standard product they are looking for.


Long Reach Arms feature sturdy, reinforced components and high-quality materials to withstand heavy-duty excavation tasks ensuring robust operations.

Quality and durability is always our top priority.


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