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CAT374 23 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom

Caterpillar CAT374 23 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom.

For river dredging, port construction, subway construction and building foundation excavation, with wide operating range, high efficiency and safety.

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Product Details

Each welded plate is machine-beveled to improve the stability of welding quality, including straight plate bevels and arc bevels, ensuring design integrity and detecting potential stress and fatigue points.


Critical areas of our booms are reinforced by thicker steel.

Internal baffle plate gives boom arm extra strenth to withstand torsional loads.
Large welded box section structure with thick, multi-plate are used in high-stess areas.

Use of cold-rolled precision steel to flush pipes and finish with phosphoric acid to make pipes smoother, reduce hydraulic oil flow resistance, and reduce oil line contamination.


High quality accessories like pipelines, pins, bushes and cylinder, NOK Sealing.
Accept Customized Length of long reach boom for special application.
Various of Attachment to fit long reach boom: standard digging bucket, mud bucket, skeleton bucket, grapple.


All long reach front are shot blasted to ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean and free from contaminants and rust.
In addition, this process presents the steel with a surface texture that provides excellent adhesion for prime coat of paint.
A layer of primer is applied prior to the final coats of paint with colour matching to the machine that it will be installed onto.
Use marine grade epoxy paint as undercoat.


Suitable for deep excavation, dredging, slope stabilization & marine defense.
High grade steel construction for longer reach under heavy loads.
Optional counterweights are available to purchase.


If you need different lengths or long distances for different machines, please send us a specific request!

Glikr Machinery is a professional OEM supplier of long arms and booms for branded excavators in China, contact us!