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PC400LC-Long Reach-Std arm and boom

An extended arm is commonly used in construction activities such as river dredging, port work, subway work, foundation excavation, and others. 

With high efficiency and safety, it performs a wide range of operations.

Produced long reach arm package for a wide range of excavators models according to customer’s exact needs and areas of application.

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Product Details

As boom and arm are critical components of an excavator; thus, it’s been produced precisely to fulfill quality conformance with the implementation of cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery in the production line.

Inside of Booms with we design baffle plates that make booms strong and durable to withstand torsional loads.
Our boom and arm are large-welded box structure and thick or multi-plates for high-stress areas.


High quality accessories such as pipeline, pins, bushes and cylinders.

Camera system can be furnished on your request.
Lock Valve is optional as a security tool to prevent boom down in the event of hydraulic hose blows.
Bucket cylinder With protective Guard.
Various of Attachment to fit long reach booms: standard digging bucket, mud bucket, skeleton bucket, grapple.


Checked for structural integrity at every stage of production, we ensure that every long arm boom meets stringent in-house quality assurance and ISO 9001 standards. 

Long arm steel structures are CE Marked and welding is verified by SGS weld test certificate.

Every part for making boom arm are well selected from reliable supplier from pin bush to steel plate, professional processing equipment play a important role in each stage.

Every aspect of the production process is strictly controlled to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.


We are a professional manufacturer in China, specializing in Designing and making Long Reach Booms, High Reach Demolition, Bucket, and other kind of Excavator Attachment.

If you have any questions on Demolition High Reach Boom We will give the professional answers to your questions.