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ZX360-18M Long Reach Arm and Boom

ZX360-18M Long Reach Arm and Boom

Built with high-strength, light structural steel and heavy duty components, GLIKR long arm excavator booms are used in a versatile range of applications. Including marine construction, surface mining, slope stabilization, demolition of buildings and structures, and other specialist works where maximum reach, height and depth is required.

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Product Details

The structure is popularly built by using Chinese high-tensile steel plate (HG785D=S690.Q550D=S550 and Q355B=S355). We will inspect the steel plate by quality control team before production.


Welding process is mainly by high tech robotic welding machine, and some parts by manual welding with over 15 years experience Welder performing manual welding.
To guarantee the durability, conformance in quality and solidity.


These long reach arms provide increased digging depth, allowing for efficient excavation of deep foundations, trenches, or underground utilities. They eliminate the need for frequent repositioning of the excavator, saving time and increasing productivity on the job site.


GLIKR Long Reach Arms are compatible with a range of attachments. This makes these arms versatile for a wide range of applications. Also, operators can switch between these attachments to execute a number of operations without any additional equipment.
The long reach arms allow operators to carry out operations with high accuracy. This feature makes any normal excavator an extremely precise machine while excavating or dredging across areas that are almost hidden or hard to access.


We have a whole set of quality management system.

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