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ZX890-29M-Long Reach Arm and Boom


 ZX890-29M-Long Reach Arm and Boom

  •  Ideal for river and sea dredging either on land or barge.

  •  Basement and deep foundation excavation.

  •  Construction of ditches, levees and pond maintenance.

  •  Construction of sea wall.

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Product Details

Side Plates are beveled prior to welding to ensure strength being maintained. Design Is simulated extensively, ensuring design integrity and detecting potential stress and fatigue points.

Welding process is mainly by high tech robotic welding machine, and some parts by manual welding with over 15 years experience Welder performing manual welding.

To guarantee the durability, conformance in quality and solidity.


Large double-sided boring machine, two-way boring, to ensure installation accuracy, precision improvement can reduce wear and increase the service life of the long arm.



After the welding is completed, ultrasonic flaw detection is carried out to completely eliminate the welding problems and hidden dangers in manual production before delivery to customers.

Guaranteed which provided to customers is our best quality product! Our company can provide SGS third-party testing to double guarantee product quality.

Design with latest CAD software integration and simulated with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method as to ensure the durability and eliminate potential stress and fatigue points.

INTEVA quick couplings we provide according to customer needs.