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XCMG XE270DK 19 Meters Material Handling Boom

High volume bulk material handling...

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Product Details


Ø High volume bulk material handling.

Ø Ideal for loading and unloading bulk cargo at docks.

Ø Replaces cable operated material handling machines.


Ø High strength, low alloy steel yields maximum strength to weight ratio.

Ø Two piece material handler supplied as standard

Ø 3 piece fronts available for more versatility and larger working ranges

Ø A large variety of grapples and clamshell buckets available.

Material Handling Boom

Clamshell Buckets are available to be supplied:

Material Handling Boom

Machine TonnageDescriptionUnit WeightKG)
3-5TNon-rotary Clamshell Bucket380HARDOX+Q345B
Rotary Clamshell Bucket420
6-10TNon-rotary Clamshell Bucket570HARDOX+Q345B
Rotary Clamshell Bucket620
11-16TNon-rotary Clamshell Bucket820HARDOX+Q345B
Rotary Clamshell Bucket880
17-20TNon-rotary Clamshell Bucket1080HARDOX+Q345B
Rotary Clamshell Bucket1180
21-24TNon-rotary Clamshell Bucket1200HARDOX+Q345B