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CAT349D2L 19Meters Sheet Piling Arm

CAT349D2L 19Meters Sheet Piling Arm

GLIKR excavator Piling Boom and Arm is designed specifically for piling construction with straight Boom and short arm, which could provide higher Max.height and making the operation of the machine more efficienct. The whole design is based on FEA and 3D Drawing, making sure it will meet your working needs.

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Product Details


Excavator Long boom arm for pile driver widely used to hammer and extract longer sheet pile.



    Streight boom for reach higher.
    Arm/stick cylinder installed under boom arm that highly increase extracting force.
    Reinforced for stress area.
    Provide Full pipelines for all cylinders and hydraulic vibro hammer.


Phosphating tube:

1) Better protect the Hydraulic system and extend service life.

2) Providing more power to the motion of piling.

3) Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability.


All long reach front are shot blasted to ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean and free from contaminants and rust.

In addition, this process presents the steel with a surface texture that provides excellent adhesion for prime coat of paint.

A layer of primer is applied prior to the final coats of paint with colour matching to the machine that it will be installed onto.


For best stability when excavating. GLIKR offered additional counterweight to balance excavator and long reach arm while doing digging job.
We offered 3 types of counterweight Mid-Mounting, Bottom-Mounting and Back-Hanging type.