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DX450-16Meters Sheet Piling Arm

DX450-16Meters Sheet Piling Arm


    streight boom for reach higher.
    arm/stick cylinder installed under boom arm that highly increase extracting force.
    Reinforced for stress area.
    Provide Full pipelines for all cylinders and hydraulic vibro hammer.

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Product Details

The piling arm is special for excavator piling and configuration arm, and excavating special arm is different, the piling arm is straight arm, which is conducive to lifting high, equipped with a short forearm, the bending arm of the piling hammer can be connected with the forearm, better control the piling and piling operation of the piling hammer.

The characteristics of the pile arm of the excavator:

1, full hydraulic drive, can rotate around 180 degrees operation, simple operation;

2, convenient transportation, can be connected with the excavator as a whole;

3, can be used in a variety of work sites, rainy days can also be in the river, water, underwater operation;

4, can play, dial steel pile, cement pile, rail column, iron plate, H plate, drainage belt;