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FR370 HD-12 Meters Sheet Piling Arm

FR370 HD-12 Meters Sheet Pilling Arm and Boom
Its for driving and pulling steel plate, cement pile, steel rail column iron plate, steel H-pile and drainage belt.

The boom is strighter than standard boom or long reach, in order to better suit the working needs.

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Product Details

Side Plates are beveled prior to welding to ensure strength being maintained. Design Is simulated extensively, ensuring design integrity and detecting potential stress and fatigue points.

Premium steel plates, Strenx700 (Weldox700) or equivalent and precise cutting by using CNC cutting machine.

We also have multiple steel plates for customers to choose.

The front structure is popularly built by using Chinese high-tensile steel plate.




    streight boom for reach higher.
    arm/stick cylinder installed under boom arm that highly increase extracting force.
    Reinforced for stress area.
    Provide Full pipelines for all cylinders and hydraulic vibro hammer.

We improved our pile driven long boom arm for several times for reaching heigher and operation convenience, and reinforce some area on boom arm for longer lifetime.



Pile Driving Long Reach Boom widely used to hammer and extract longer sheet pile.

Sheet Pile Driving Machine can be applied for a wide scope of workplace in light of its straightforward activity system, like drainage maintenance, stream bank support and marshland working any place inland and seaward piling position.