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Glikr: Your Manufacturer for Excavator Booms and Attachments

At Glikr, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer of high-quality excavator booms and attachments suitable for various brands of excavators. Our extensive product range includes:

Long Reach Boom: Designed to provide extended reach for specialized excavation tasks, our long-reach booms are engineered for superior performance and durability.

High Reach Demolition Boom: Ideal for demolition projects, our high-reach demolition booms are built to handle the toughest of challenges, ensuring safe and efficient demolition work.

Material Handling Boom: Our material handling booms are tailored to meet the demands of material transport and handling operations, offering reliability and precision.

Excavator Rock Arm: Designed for rock excavation and other demanding tasks, our excavator rock arms are built to withstand rugged conditions and deliver exceptional results.

Mega Ripper: When breaking through tough surfaces, our mega ripper attachments are the perfect choice, providing powerful ripping capabilities.

Buckets: We offer a wide range of buckets for various applications, ensuring you have the right tool for digging, scooping, and moving materials efficiently.

Quick Coupler: Our quick coupler systems allow you to switch between attachments swiftly and securely, enhancing the versatility of your excavator.

Ripper: Our ripper attachments are designed for precise ground penetration, making them essential tools for excavation and soil preparation.

Compaction Wheel: For soil and material compaction needs, our compaction wheels provide effective compaction and soil stabilization solutions.

At Glikr, we are committed to delivering product quality assurance, ensuring that our attachments and booms meet the highest industry standards. We understand that each project is unique, and that's why we offer tailored solutions to customers in construction, dredging, waterway maintenance, underwater construction, and various other industries around the world.

Our mission is to provide you with suitable accessories and competitive prices, all backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether working on large-scale construction projects or intricate underwater operations, Glikr is your trusted partner for reliable excavator attachments and booms.

Contact Glikr today to discuss your needs and find the perfect solutions for your excavation and construction requirements.