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How Do You Determine the Right Size of Excavator for You?

Nov 03 , 2021

Choosing the right equipment for an excavation project can be a time-consuming task, not least because it is important to make the right choice. Even if you decide to use an excavator, you still need to make sure that you choose the right size. Choose one that is too small or doesn't have the right features and you won't get the job done properly. Choose one that is too big and not only might it be unsuitable for the job, but it might also put you over budget. So how do you determine the right size of excavator for you?

There are many different types of excavators, but they all fall into four main size categories: mini, medium, standard and large. In order to choose the right excavator size, you need to know what your options are.

Small or compact excavators

This is the smallest class of excavators and they are particularly suitable for installation in tight spaces. Another benefit is that compact excavators are small enough to be towed by Class 1 and Class 2 trucks, which in many states do not require a commercial driver's licence (although check with your local DMV first to be sure). This transportability makes them a favourite for people working in multiple locations.

Small excavators are perfect for indoor projects, sewer repairs, plumbing installations and other projects that don't require the size and power of larger machines.

Long Reach Arm and Boom

Long Reach Arm and Boom

Medium excavators

6-10 tonnes

Medium or mid-sized excavators are a good choice for those who work in tight spaces but need more reach and power than a small excavator can offer. midis can also be used for more standard projects such as building construction and landscaping, while still offering the advantage of increased manoeuvrability due to their smaller size.

Standard excavators

Excavator Boom

 Excavator Boom    

10-45 tonnes

Standard or full-size excavators, sometimes referred to as "tracked" excavators, constitute the largest number of excavators on the market. The most popular crawlers are in the 19-24 tonne weight range and are most commonly found in commercial construction. Not only do standard excavators offer greater power and reach, but their hydraulic system allows them to handle multiple tool attachments.

Large excavators

45 tonnes

The largest category of excavator is suitable for large construction and demolition projects where maximum power and capacity are required. Although the power of large excavators is unrivalled, their size brings major disadvantages - they require oversized trucks and trailers to move them and are bulky when storing them. Long boom excavators are a much more effective and efficient tool for demolishing reinforced concrete structures than earlier machines. Long boom excavators are now widely used to demolish old multi-storey car parks, motorway flyovers and bridges that have reached the end of their service life.

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