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How to Select a Long Reach Boom Arm for an Excavator?

May 17 , 2024

Selecting the right long reach boom arm for an excavator is crucial for maximizing productivity and efficiency in specific applications such as dredging, slope finishing, or deep excavation. Here are the key considerations to help you make an informed decision:

1. Understand Your Requirements

Project Type: Identify the type of work you'll be performing. Long reach booms are ideal for projects that require extended reach and precision, such as riverbank stabilization, deep trenching, or demolition at a distance.

Reach and Depth: Determine the maximum reach and depth required for your projects. Measure the horizontal reach and vertical digging depth necessary to ensure the boom arm can meet these needs.

2. Compatibility with Your Excavator

Excavator Model: Ensure the long reach boom arm is compatible with your specific excavator model. Check the manufacturer's specifications for the boom arm and your excavator to confirm compatibility.

Weight and Balance: Verify that the excavator can handle the additional weight and altered balance of the long reach boom arm. Overloading the excavator can lead to instability and increased wear.

16 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom

16 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom

3. Material and Build Quality

Durability: Look for boom arms constructed from high-quality, durable materials such as high-tensile steel. This ensures longevity and resistance to bending or breaking under stress.

Weld Quality: Inspect the welding quality of the boom arm. High-quality welds are essential for structural integrity and safety.

4. Hydraulic System Compatibility

Hydraulic Capacity: Ensure that your excavator's hydraulic system can support the additional hydraulic lines and cylinders of the long reach boom. This includes verifying the pump capacity and pressure ratings.

Attachment Points: Check that the hydraulic attachment points match your excavator's configuration. Proper alignment is crucial for efficient operation.

5. Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Installation: Consider how easy it is to install the long reach boom arm. Some models come with detailed instructions and necessary hardware for a straightforward installation.

Maintenance: Look for a design that facilitates easy maintenance. Features such as accessible grease points and replaceable wear parts can reduce downtime and extend the life of the boom arm.

 18 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom

18 Meters Long Reach Arm and Boom

6. Manufacturer Reputation and Support

Brand Reputation: Choose a boom arm from a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality excavator attachments. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from industry professionals.

Warranty and Support: Ensure the manufacturer offers a comprehensive warranty and good customer support. This can be invaluable in case of defects or operational issues.

7. Cost and Budget

Cost vs. Value: While it’s important to stay within budget, consider the long-term value of the boom arm. A cheaper option may incur higher maintenance costs or fail prematurely.

Financing Options: Some manufacturers or dealers offer financing options. Explore these if the initial cost is a concern.

8. Safety Features

Structural Integrity: Ensure the boom arm has been tested for structural integrity and safety under various working conditions.

Safety Certifications: Check for any safety certifications or standards compliance, which can provide additional assurance of the boom arm's reliability and safety.


Selecting the right long reach boom arm for your excavator involves a thorough understanding of your project requirements, compatibility with your machine, and attention to build quality and safety features. By considering these factors, you can ensure that you choose a boom arm that enhances your excavator’s capabilities and contributes to the success of your projects.