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Maintenance of Excavator Long Reach Front

Apr 12 , 2023

As an important piece of construction machinery, the large long reach front of an excavator can be said to be omnipotent for demolishing houses and digging pits. Very often, the excavator's extended arm is carried out in some complex geographical environment. Over time, it is inevitable that some minor problems will occur. We need to carry out regular maintenance on the excavator boom, so what should we start with? Come and join me to find out.


Check the excavator long reach front

To carry out construction, we need to strictly check whether the screws of all parts of the machine are loose, the engagement and lubrication of the gears, and wear, and damage. In the course of use, it is even more necessary to check the running condition of the engine. If there is any abnormality, solve it in time so as not to affect later use.

Long Reach Arm and Boom

 Long Reach Arm and Boom

Cleaning the long-reach front

Most of the time is in the construction site operations, there will inevitably be dust and foreign objects during the construction period. This requires us to clean the various parts of the excavator boom structure after construction to prevent the entry of foreign objects. To avoid causing wear to the machine structure and affecting its use, and to extend the service life of the machine.


Excavator long reach front work

When using the excavator long reach front for crushing operations, the chisel rod should always be kept perpendicular to the surface of the object to be crushed. And keep the brazing rod tightly pressed against the object to be crushed. Stop the hammer work immediately after crushing to prevent empty blows. Continuous purposeless impact can cause damage to the hammer forearm and loosening of the main body bolts and, in serious cases, damage to the main body itself. Never shake the chisel when carrying out crushing as this may break the main body bolt and the chisel; do not allow the hammer to drop quickly or hit hard rock with force as this can damage the excavation by excessive impact. 



Lubrication of all parts of the excavator long reach front will reasonably reduce the wear and tear on all mechanical parts. When carrying out lubrication operations, we also need to select qualified lubricant products according to the relevant construction specifications, avoid the intrusion of impurities and frequently check the lubrication of the machine. The system is normal.

As long as you pay attention to the above maintenance tips, you can increase the service life of the excavator long arm, reduce our subsequent repair and replacement, and help us save a lot of costs.