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Excavator Ripper Arm

The excavator ripper arm is a sturdy tool for digging Shale/sandstone/frozen soil weathered limestone and other rocks with medium or lower hardness.

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Product Details

The excavator ripper arm, also known as excavator rock boom, opener boom, opener arm, two section rock boom series, features a unique and innovative design. The forearm and excavator are welded together into a faint "excavator" that provides a deeper working range with higher power. It is more effective in breaking hard ground, shale, weathered rock, etc. than using a crushing hammer. 

Glikr Machinery is an excavator opener boom manufacturer with many years of experience in producing excavator opener booms that are recognized by our customers for their technology and quality. 


(1) Unique and innovative design: shortened arm length, increased weight, changed ratio of upper and lower parts, new pivot point and strong cylinder strength. All these make the mining injury ability of our products more excellent than ordinary products. This new product, has been widely used in mining, road building, housing construction, tundra construction and other kinds of projects. 

(2) Installation of large crushing hammer: Due to the short and heavy arm, large crushing hammer can be installed. At the same time, these machines are stronger than ordinary machines without any breakage problem. 

(3) High quality: Scientific and reasonable structure design and stable production process not only shorten the working time, but also reduce the running cost of excavator.

Usage methodReplacement of original arm and boom of excavator

Applicable modelCrawler excavator above 40T

Matching modeIndividual customization according to different brand models

Production Time35 days


Working principle:

* By adjusting the length ratio and weight of the excavator's arm and boom, also the specifications of stick cylinder , the excavator hydraulic system keep unchanged.

* The excavation force is greatly increased by strong and heavy arm, also the ripper type design shape.

* To effectively enhance the ultimate purpose of excavator destructive digging force.


Suitable working conditions: Shale/sandstone/frozen soil weathered limestone and other rocks with medium or lower hardness Protodyakonov Scale Of Hardness f≤6

The package includes everything you need to get started:

1. Reinforced Mega-ripper

2. Reinforced Boom

3. Stick Cylinder

4. High-pressure hose

5. Lamps on both sides

6. Zinc Pins