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What Is the Purpose of Using a Hydraulic Excavator?

Dec 23 , 2022

Some construction projects require deep excavation to move large amounts of material, so excavators are needed to carry out such work. From sewer, water pipe, and cabling work to the construction of urban complexes, roads, highways, and paving, excavators really help to carry out deep work with high performance.


What is a hydraulic excavator?

A hydraulic excavator is a heavy-duty machine that comes in various sizes with a hydraulic arm tip with a blade designed to move on wheels or chains and also has the ability to rotate 360 degrees around its own axis. Its functions include digging, rotating, moving, loading, shifting, and removing objects. The machine is commonly used to open recesses for the installation of pipes, drains, cables and to dig foundations or ramps.

Long Reach Excavators Booms

 Long Reach Excavators Booms

Uses of the hydraulic excavator.

Digging large trenches

Excavation of materials and structures

Slope grooming above the machine's support plane

Excavator engines

A hydraulic excavator is a machine that uses a combination of mechanical, electronic, and hydraulic components to achieve superior performance in the mining and construction sectors. Typically, the engine of a hydraulic excavator is a four-stroke diesel engine.


Its mechanical arm can be combined with different tools to work on land, concrete, rock, or steel.


Excavator operator

Functions of the excavator operator.


Start the material and load it into the transport unit

When combined with a hydraulic hammer, it can also perform trenching, load handling and the demolition and breaking of blocks.

It can be adapted to different boom distances, bucket capacities, soft or hard floors.

When very hard, it can incorporate more wear-resistant components.

Rock Bucket

 Rock Bucket


Excavator buckets

The wrong bucket can easily reduce your output and increase your operating costs by 10% to 20% or more. It can also lead to unnecessary wear and fatigue on the machine and bucket.


  • Options: The industry offers a wide range of specialized buckets, each designed and tested to function as an integral part of the excavator and to provide optimum performance in your particular application.


  • Durable: Buckets are designed and manufactured to the required specifications. High-strength hardened steel provides longer service life without the need for thicker and heavier plates, resulting in longer service life and higher payloads.


Excavator attachments

  • Excavator grapple: generally used for debris removal, excavation, and earthworks of choice. It can also be used for mixing peatlands. Screening is done by a hydraulic screen with rotating blades. In the standard configuration, the thickness of the screened material can vary from 0-20 mm to 0-35 mm. On request, shafts can be manufactured to suit the user's needs.

 Excavator Bucket

 Excavator Bucket  

Heavy duty buckets

Designed for abrasive applications, such as mixtures of soil, clay, and rock.


A smaller folding radius provides greater separation force at the tip.

Thicker side plates and bottom to increase its duration.

Stronger construction than universal buckets.

Pre-drilled side bars for lugs and optional side rail guards.

Larger adapters and tips for increased performance and durability.

Lower capacity than general purpose buckets to maintain operational performance


Heavy-duty metal buckets

Heavy duty rock bucket: for aggressive loading of the bucket in very abrasive applications such as explosive rock and granite.


The smaller folding radius provides greater separation forces at the tip.

Same folding radius as the heavy-duty bucket.

Thicker side plates are available to extend the bucket's life in tough applications.

Stronger construction than heavy-duty buckets.

Wear-resistant side plates further extend the bucket to provide maximum protection from rocky materials.

Pre-drilled side bars for lugs and optional side rail guards.

Larger adapters and tips for increased performance and durability. Same capacity as the heavy-duty bucket.

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